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We started this blog to talk about our forex trading strategies. To give some insight to our use of expert advisers, algorithmic traders, high frequency traders, or robot traders within the forex marketplace. We trade currencies in the forex market daily with the use of EA's , expert advisers, to assist us in our decision making. The robot removes all the emotion from trading allowing the trading program to what is was desigined to do. They work round the clock and provide us with an excellent way to navagate the risky forex market. We will discuss different objectives, aside from making a million, with the use of different forex trading robots. We bring a great return on your investment big or small.

We also provide for FREE our trading signals, that's right you can trade our forex signals for FREE. There are many traders who charge $50 to $350 a month for this very service and with no guarantee on a return.

We subscribe to a service that allows us to trade forex and GIVE YOU OUR FEED FOR FREE! That means when we trade in our account your account will mirror ours exactly.You only need to set up an account with http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com and choose us TRADINGFXUNLIMITED as your signal provider.

Which you can find by searching our name TRADINGFXUNLINITED under the performance tab on the home page. It is that easy, I recommend that you start with a demo account till you understand how it all works, and also to look at other providers who can give a great return. We are here to guide you, to help you make money in the forex market.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Up pips again on Zulu trade

 We have had a great run as of late up 1293 pips over the last six weeks, if you were trading with me, 1 full lot that would be aprox 13,000K in six weeks. Not so bad !!
Look us up at http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com/  Look under the performance tab we are tradingfxunlimited!!

Happy trading

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Expert advisor trading in the messy markets

With the unrest in the Middle East lately, this has made for some tough days in our trading world. The markets have been whipsawing around almost daily and our expert advisors have had a ruff time keeping up, but it is nice to say that today we are sitting over 850 pips in profit in the last month. Impressive !! Check us out at http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com/ under the performance tab tradingfxunlimited!!! We will bring you a consistent return in any market!!
Happy Trading!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trading signals

Trading signals are the lifeline of many investors, E-signal is one of those companies the provide stock, options, for-ex, etc.. But they charge over $100 a month. Here at http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com/ I provide you with my and many other for-ex signals for free!!!! That's right for free, your broker pays us commission to bring you to them. Free for you. Check out http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com/ and make some extra money. Follow me at Tradingfxunlinited under the performance tab and lets make some money together 314 pips this week so far, still have 3 trading days to go..

Happy trading

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did very well last week up 577 pips!!

Check out last weeks performance, I wish every week was so good!!
Performance by tradingfxunlimited


Robot trading

Robot trading is the use of computer programs to open and close trades in a given market. Forex is what I concentrate on, but this use is gaining ground in the stock markets also, known as high frequency or algorithmic traders. I use different EA's, expert advisors, or robots to do my trading for me, it allows me to set them up, do testing on them to determine if the work at all and possible use them on a live real money account.We spend countless hours testing and configuring these programs for optimal use in the forex markets. Believe me this is not all its cracked up to be. There are so many scams out there it is pitiful, really gives a bad name to forex. But as for now this is the way it is, so I have been trading for some time now and had good success, not without some pitfalls, but in general  a great return. We concentrate on the EUR/USD pair but also trade EUR/GBP, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, to name a few. You can follow our results at http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com/  under the performance tab and type in our name: Tradingfxunlimited. Our account will show up and you can follow along.
We strongly recommend setting up a demo account first to practice BEFORE you use any real money. Plus there are thousands of providers to choose from you don't have to use us, but we do make money in the long run.
Check us out at http://tradingfxunlimited.zulutrade.com/ you have nothing to loose. Questions shoot us an email we are here to help you in your trading efforts.